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RMHBDA Is Your Organization — It’s Better With Your Participation

RMHBDA is a chapter of National Blood Disorders Foundation. Both organizations exist to support its members who are affected by blood disorders in a wide range of ways to ultimately provide solutions and a network for mutual support. Joining and participating helps you and your family as well as helping other members.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, RMHBDA seeks donations to maintain and expand our programs and patient assistance for those in Montana and Wyoming affected by blood disorders. Blood disorders are medically manageable, but at extremely high cost.

As a non-profit, all of our funding comes from the generosity of concerned individuals just like you, businesses, and organizations. Donations are deductible on state and federal income tax; please consult your tax advisor for information specific to your situation. To donate, you may use PayPal or mail us a check; contact us with any questions about how your donation can and will be used.


We invite you to join, which means providing your information to be able to share info on events, newsletters, and more. There are no membership fees, though some events may have a modest cost.

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Join the Board

RMHBDA has been so fortunate to have had great board members to provide thoughtful and effective guidance to the organization. However, our board members serve for limited duration terms, then step away to give other interested and capable individuals the opportunity to provide their insights and talents. If this is something that interests you, please call Brad to chat, to make arrangements to observe a board meeting, and find out more.

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Committees & Events

These opportunities are great for those with particular talents and/or interests. Events need more hands for a limited amount of time for planning, setting up, tearing down, etc. Whether Education Weekend, Family Camp, UNITE Walk, or other events, having more help makes for a better event for everyone, as well as being opportunities to meet other members. Just call or email Brad Benne to share your availability and interest! Committees are a longer term need that helps guide particular plans and initiatives; this also helps make the chapter better in a foundational way. If this interests you, call or email Brad to talk about how your interests can help make the organization even more effective.

Questions About Helping?

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